Perfect 2
November 26, 2018

Perfect 1

Technical specification for eagles demountable partition systems

1.gypsum wall board face panels

gypsum wallboard face panels will be imported 15mm thick panels with manila paper faces. BOARDs will be 120mm.wide and to the height required in the drawings boards edge along will beveled 3x3mm. boards will be finished with heavy – duty fabric backed vinyl 1350mm. wide wrapped around the board long edges.

2.faming components

All farming components required to install the partitions and doors will have the color requested by customers , (we have all colors ) in order to be fully compatible and provide uniform appearance of the place. No exposed screws are permitted. Framing system will provide for partition of external thickness of 96mm and an internal cavity of 64mm .

3.internal skeleton

Internal structure will be 0.6/0.7mm. galvanized steel studs fastened to bottom tracks 60cm . off centers.

4.clipping system

Panels shall be fastened to studs by means of hardened steel clips with prongs embedded into the panel edges and screwed on the stude .


Glazing will be clear 6mm thick plate glass encased at the edges with resilient gaskets.


We provide hollow core flush doors with natural hardwood veneer and hard wood lipping. Doors will be supplied complete with extruded aluminum door frame and heavy duty butt hinges and locks .

7.sound insulation

For sound insulation we use sound attenuation matts 50mm.thick with a density of 10kg/m3.matts will be filled between studs upon installation of the first face we use adhesive tapes along all bottom , ceiling and wall tracks.